2020 Program & Papers

Friday, October 9

11am: Ethnicity in Namibia

  • Rob Gordon, “Omarheke Servility” [link]
  • Fabian Krautwald, “Intimate Memories: Sexual Relations and the Memory of German Colonialism in Southwest Africa” [link]
  • Stephanie Quinn, “Apartheid Infrastructure and Political Community Across Namibia’s Compound-Location Divide” [link]
  • Andrea Rosengarten, “Entangled Networks: Ethnicity, Exchange, and Territoriality in the Lower !Garib/Orange River Region in the Late 18th Century” [link]

Discussants: Martha Akawa and Meredith McKittrick

1pm: Land and Borders

  • John Aerni-Flessner and Chitja Twala, “Bargaining with Land: Borders, Bantustans, and Sovereignty in 1970s Southern Africa” [link]
  • Chris Conz, “Trees and the Imperial Watershed: An Ecology of Ideas, Policies, and Practices in Colonial Lesotho” [link]
  • Ross Melczer, “The Tati Training Institute and Self-Determination in the BuKalanga Borderlands (1932-1941)” [link]
  • Tara Weinberg, “Making Collective Property: Landbuying Syndicates and the Native Farmers Association of South Africa in early 20th century Transvaal” [link]

Discussants: Wendy Urban-Mead and Cara Moyer-Duncan

3pm: Gender and Politics in Southern Africa

  • Shireen Hassim, “Postponing the Question: Feminism, the Women’s Movement, and the National Question” [link]
  • Shannon Morreira, “The Story of the White Chicken: On Gender and Change in Contemporary Zimbabwe” [link]
  • Rachel Sandwell, “Fantasy States: Nationalism, Intimacy, and Transgression in South African Women’s Political Memoirs” [link]
  • Cathy Skidmore-Hess, “The Politics of Transformation:  Gender, Spiritual Practice in Seventeenth  and Eighteenth Century Kongo” [link]

Discussants: Meghan Healy-Clancy and Jill Kelly

5pm: Happy Hour and Connection Time

Saturday, October 10

11am: Language and Identity Development

  • Jochen Arndt, ““What does stick to people more than their language can do is their isibongo”: Language and Belonging in South Africa’s Deeper Past” [link]
  • Precious Bikitsha, ““We seek a ford to cross”: Maxeke and Mgqwetho’s political and intellectual commitment to having a public voice” [link]
  • Casey Golomski, “Securing frailty: black aspirations for elder care in South Africa” [link]
  • Trishula Patel, “A Tale of Two Cities”: Salisbury, Bulawayo, and the Politics of Race and Ethnicity” [link]
  • Stephen Volz, “Z. K. Matthews and the Liberal Roots of Bantu Identity” [link]

Discussants: Chipo Dendere and TJ Tallie

1pm: Southern Africa in the World

  • Lia Brazil, “The use of international legal arguments in imperial warfare: the South African War 1899 – 1902” [link]
  • Victor Muchineripi Gwande, “America’s Foreign Economic Relations with British Central Africa: The United States Investments in the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, 1953-1963” [link]
  • Admire Mseba, “International Cooperation and Environmental Control in Twentieth-Century Southern Africa, c.1902-c.1970” [link]
  • Sibangeni Ncube, “Dollars, Deals and Double Standards: Southern Rhodesian Perspectives on the Postwar International Tobacco Trade, 1947-1960” [link]

Discussants: Liz Thornberry and Judith Van Allen

3pm: International Solidarities

  • Anne Heffernan, ““Africanisation, Transformation, or Decolonization? Discourses of change at South African Universities, c. 1972-2016” [link]
  • Billy Keniston, “White Radicals in the ANC in Botswana, 1977-1981” [link]
  • Hilary Lynd, “Living Together: The ANC, the Soviet Union, and the National Question” [link]
  • Hans Erik Stolten, “Nordic Construction of International Solidarity History – A Danish Critique” [link]

Discussants: Michael Panzer and Myra Houser